Food Security and Emmah’s Garden

Emmah's Garden and Food Security

Food security is really a broad and a critical thing that needs to be given priority by all people of goodwill and the government. All people are entitled to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life. People can efficiently carry out their economic, social, and political life and activities provided they have enough food for their families. Availability of food provides a satisfied and active life for an individual.

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Elections in The USA and Leadership Around The World

Elections and Leadership
Many people from my village in Kenya look to the USA for examples of good leadership. They believe that the USA has a matured democracy, and there is no room for irresponsible or bad leadership.

People in the village also understand that the village and Kenyan economy can do better when the USA’s economy is thriving because the US currency is important as the international trade currency. Many people live in countries with political instability, food shortages, high unemployment, women persecutions, child abuse, and high poverty levels. The USA looks like a safe haven. The USA represents a place where people work together. The USA represents a place where there is little or no danger. People in my village believe that the USA is more welcoming and caring for all people regardless of the political views, religion, or country of origin.

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Emmah’s Garden Makes A Difference

Emmah's Garden


Kenya, what comes to your mind when you hear about that name? Don’t tell me about the lions, elephants, and wild beast migrations in September; it is more than that. Apart from the beautiful animals that attract most people to the country is something devastating to the people of Kenya. This is the crisis of water due to inconsistent and erratic rain. To make matters worse, the little available water is not clean or adequate for human consumption.

Kenya has suffered from this crisis for years, and this has affected local people, especially women and children. Women and children in most families, especially in the villages, have to fend for water in any way they can. Water is life, and yet 40 percent of Kenyans rely on poor water resources.

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The Value of Wi-Fi Accessibility in Nyandoche Ibere

Emmah's Garden Update - Written by Polycarp Mobegi
In modern society, many things will be digitalized. The ideas of digitization will cut across many sectors, such as:
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Political
  • Education

In this era, everybody needs to be exposed and gain some knowledge to use the internet, mobile phones, laptops, and all sources to make one modern. This is important to fit into the modern world and to participate.

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