Emmah’s Garden Mission Statement

Emmah’s Garden helps the people of Nyandoche Ibere in rural western Kenya stay healthy by providing filters for water purification. We are working with the farmers of the village to improve agricultural techniques. A focus will be on extending the growing season which will expand food supplies. A longer growing season will increase the income of the poorest workers by three months.

Safe drinking water is essential to any community. A sufficient supply of water is also vital. Therefore, we are also concentrating on water harvesting and water storage. Climate change will make harvesting enough water more and more difficult. We aim to help the people of Nyandoche Ibere stay ahead of their water challenges.

By helping the people to be self-reliant for their clean water needs, we promote improved health, school attendance, and opportunities to develop their economy to be enduring and self-sufficient. 

If Nyandoche Ibere can succeed then so can other rural villages in Kenya.

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