The Value of Wi-Fi Accessibility in Nyandoche Ibere

Emmah's Garden Update - Written by Polycarp Mobegi
In modern society, many things will be digitalized. The ideas of digitization will cut across many sectors, such as:
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Political
  • Education

In this era, everybody needs to be exposed and gain some knowledge to use the internet, mobile phones, laptops, and all sources to make one modern. This is important to fit into the modern world and to participate.

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The Efforts of Emmah’s Garden in Kenya

Village in Kenya
In the USA, it is very different as water is connected to people’s homes. The only effort they have to make is to turn the tap on and then clean themselves. People in my village have to travel many miles to get water for drinking and cleaning themselves. This is why it is very important to support Emmah’s Garden course of action in providing the village with clean water.

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Food Distribution in Nyandoche Ibere, Kenya

Food Distribution in the village of Nyandoche Ibere

Hi Everyone,

We are helping the people of Nyandoche Ibere in a very immediate and significant way by providing them with food support. This is a new effort by Emmah’s Garden.

Our initial and on-going effort to support the people of the village was to help provide clean and safe water. The village suffers from a lack of clean and healthy water. We are helping them with water filtration systems. The water filtration systems are gravity-fed so no energy (other than gravity) is needed to power the water filters.

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