Emmah’s Garden

A Kenyan Story

Who Is Emmah?

She is a young Kenyan woman.

She has a degree in Agribusiness.

Her family has farmed in Nyandoche Ibere, Kenya for generations.

Village of Nyandoche Ibere has a population of 2,300 people.

She is deeply motivated to improve the life in her village. 

Emmah went to the Village Elders with ideas on how to solve the water issues in the village.

We learned of the response of the Village Elders

from this letter from Emmah.

Many of my villagers don’t believe that a girl of my age can do anything to change our village.

I also realize that I have a lot to conquer include changing the mindset of my village men who had the audacity of asking me some irritating questions. For example, “what can a girl of your age do that our politicians have failed to do to change our village.” But I am not blaming them since I understand that they believe by seeing not hearing.

To win their hearts and maximum cooperation, am kindly propose that we do some smaller things that they can see. For example, water filters in schools, churches and health centers. Also, to set up a demonstration farm at our home, from where I will be teaching them modern farming technics. I believe this will help me to convince them that we can achieve many good things.


We are committed to helping.

We hope that you will help too.

Healthy children means a healthy future!

For a community to prosper now and in the future, it needs to have key fundamentals in place.

Clean, drinkable water is essential.


Water Is Fundamental

We have done our homework and have chosen a water purification tool 2nd to none!

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Kenyan Stories

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Being aware is part of the solution.

People & Gardens

Clean water leads to gardens.

Gardens lead to people.

Clean water and food lead to healthy people who can add value to the world – our world.

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