Emmah's Garden Update - Written by Polycarp Mobegi
In modern society, many things will be digitalized. The ideas of digitization will cut across many sectors, such as:
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Political
  • Education

In this era, everybody needs to be exposed and gain some knowledge to use the internet, mobile phones, laptops, and all sources to make one modern. This is important to fit into the modern world and to participate.

We have different platforms that enable individuals to access learning materials, revision materials, journals, newspapers, and entertainment. Having access to the internet is one of the many ways of getting resources. Nowadays, online resources are the primary things used by students to get access to many books and revision materials. This time of Coronavirus, some students have been boosted in a big way through online classes, zoom lectures, and online presentations. All this cannot be achieved if an individual cannot get access to the internet. Access can be achieved through the buying of bundles, which is very much expensive. Gaining access to Wi-Fi is a big challenge for students who come from remote areas. It’s quite impossible to get individuals who have installed Wi-Fi at their premises or homes in the village. My thanks go to Emmah’s Garden for bringing on board village students by at least installing a Wi-Fi at Nyandoche Ibere village. I can testify that it is excellent and has helped many students. Students now have a smile on their face since many expenses have been saved.

Advantages of the Wi-Fi in Nyandoche Ibere Village:


Many students can carry out their assignments and make the submissions on time. During this COVID 19 period, most university students were supposed to send their assignments via email. So through the Wi-Fi, they were able to achieve and do the assignments as required.

University Students

University students can carry out research and related activities on online platforms and tackle their projects efficiently. Projects are vital units when it comes to university students. To achieve this, one has to do a more in-depth study and research so that he/she can settle on a certain topic to base the project to tackle. Being a fourth-year student I can say, it has really eased my work in a big way. By now, my project is complete and ready for presentation.


People can get entertainment in a broader and detailed way. Entertainment is really important to all generations bearing in mind that it’s one way of refreshing your mind and a way to pass the time. It’s really a broad thing that people need to get engaged though it depends on the kind of entertainment students get involved in. When I am done with my studies, the Wi-Fi has enabled me access to some Christian music that relieved my soul and some movies.

Special Studies & Hobbies

Young people can explore some hobbies on their own. Getting access to the internet enables people to get in touch with hobbies starting from dancing, singing, swimming, playing football, preaching, and many more. This is where people can interact with their role models and at least gain some experience/exposure from them.


Through the Wi-Fi, education has become more interactive and doing things in a better way far away from classroom walls and teachers’ presence. Through YouTube and Google platforms, students can do studies and interact actively through online tutors. It has enhanced quick and easy access to learning materials. This is achieved through a fast way of downloading materials. At the same time, we have sites that are specifically meant to provide online materials for revision for both kids and adults. It has promoted independent studies among village students. Online studies to some point can be the best given that it gives students a privilege to learn under no or minimal supervision. Good time management is enhanced as students can follow their own timetable without supervision. It has created opportunities for mobility, innovation, and initiative. Students can develop in terms of skills and even raising their reasoning capabilities. Creativity is highly enhanced amongst students through research and learning on their own.

Project Communications

We will also use the internet connection and the large-screen TV to communicate with our Emmah’s Garden teammates in the USA. We have already had a meeting using Zoom where many people in the village assembled to meeting with our colleagues in America. We discussed new ideas and review the Emmah’s Garden website.
Emmah's Garden Zoom Meeting

Social Relationships

It enhanced social relationships and easy access to friends and relatives who are far from the village. Maybe through Zoom and free video calls and chat, using IMO, just to mention two.


Through the Wi-Fi, people can do online shopping without necessarily making some physical visits to the premises. People can make their orders online and even make payments as they wait for delivery. Through this people can save transport cost and time.

Finally, a learned society is a blessed society. This is evident in many of the developed countries. Thus we must embrace the learning spirit amongst ourselves from one generation to the next. This can only be achieved if we support education-related activities even in a small way.

Thank You!

I once more want to pass my sincere gratitude to Emmah’s Garden. Emmah’s Garden has set an excellent educational foundation by taking a significant initiative of installing the Wi-Fi in the village. This support is very important. May God bless you, abundantly.

Contributed by Polycarp N. Mobegi

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