Alloy's of Emmah's Garden

Sometimes people think that they need to do big things for other people to feel appreciated or worthy. They don’t appreciate the small efforts they make to help create a world that is a better place for all.

In my experience, and through interaction with people from different parts of the world, I have come to appreciate the little things I have received from my friends and the people I meet every day. The small things have helped me appreciate life and the people I meet and associate with every day. Growing up in a small village in Kenya, I never thought that one day I’d make it to the university and even do my masters in the USA. I grew up in a family where I wasn’t sure if I’d get food, water, and other basic needs. Every morning I would accompany my dad to our farm to raise enough food for our family. Our house was grass thatched, and sometimes it would rain inside the house when it was raining. I would stay awake, waiting for the rain to stop so that I can sleep. I was hopeless. I never saw myself being successful and making it out of the village because I didn’t have any role model or someone to look up to for motivation. Regardless of all these challenges, I kept trying my best and made it to the university. After my undergraduate studies, I was fortunate and got a scholarship to do my masters in the USA. This dream came true, but again, I was shocked because I never thought that I’d make it out of the village. By leaving the village while still being closely connected has given me much hope. I now believe that everything is possible in this world. Many people have journeyed/ accompanied me, and some of them are strangers that I met in the streets while walking or having coffee. My life experience has given me a great deal of hope and motivated me to give back to my village. I believe that I am responsible for guiding and inspiring the young people in the village because they look to me as their role model. That’s why I’m excited about Emmah’s Garden. I see it as an opportunity to promote the lives of the poor people in the village where I grew up. I hope you’ll join hands with me to give hope to many children who can’t afford a dollar to buy food or get clean water. Your small contributions matter a lot to the people in my village, and I hope that our efforts will inspire them to work hard so that they can make life better for other people. I believe that a person’s most valuable asset is not a brain loaded with knowledge, but a heart full of love, compassion, and with an ear open to listen and a hand willing to help.

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