Elections and Leadership
Many people from my village in Kenya look to the USA for examples of good leadership. They believe that the USA has a matured democracy, and there is no room for irresponsible or bad leadership.

People in the village also understand that the village and Kenyan economy can do better when the USA’s economy is thriving because the US currency is important as the international trade currency. Many people live in countries with political instability, food shortages, high unemployment, women persecutions, child abuse, and high poverty levels. The USA looks like a safe haven. The USA represents a place where people work together. The USA represents a place where there is little or no danger. People in my village believe that the USA is more welcoming and caring for all people regardless of the political views, religion, or country of origin.

Elections and Third World Leadership

On the other hand, people in third-world countries also try to work hard to provide for their families and have a good life. The big challenge is the lack of opportunities or policies that do not give them time or space to thrive. There is a lack of resources and a viable business environment for businesses to grow. Poor roads and lack of reliable transport to market make the transportation of goods difficult, further handicapping business development and security.

In my country of origin, people only dream of having free and fair elections. A fair election, in my country, is something that I have never seen. There are claims of elections being rigged or the system working in favor of one candidate with every election. This leads to violence, which can even lead to the death of many people. Many who die are young people. Young people are the ones used by political leaders. Political leaders give them pennies to incite violence because many young people are unemployed.

No Violence in the USA!

When we get to the level of violence, the USA usually rescues the poor children and women who typically suffer more during the violence. This has made people respect and admire the leadership of the USA.

The USA has just finished an election. The people in my village in Kenya, again, look to the United States. My hope and prayers are that people make the right judgment as they elect their leaders. Good leadership in the USA means good leadership in Africa, and vice versa is true. I’m looking at this election as an evenhanded person who is neither a Democrat nor Republican. I love peace, justice, fairness, compassion, and equity.

Good leadership in the USA means that the USA will continue to be an example for people worldwide.

Contributed by Alloys Nyakundi

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