Emmah's Garden and Food Security

Food security is really a broad and a critical thing that needs to be given priority by all people of goodwill and the government. All people are entitled to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life. People can efficiently carry out their economic, social, and political life and activities provided they have enough food for their families. Availability of food provides a satisfied and active life for an individual.

When people have food on the table, they can plan and start long term activities without interrupting these activities to find food. They can arrange for the education of their children by providing fees for them without much struggle. At the same time, people can make some savings and investments for future use.

Emmah's Garden and Food Security

In any society without sufficient food, there is general poverty and stagnation in all aspects of life. This is because some members are not able to make any productive and supportive contributions to society. Thus, no improvements come from such people. We can just say that hungry people become desperate people. We need to spread the gospel of charity to all people of goodwill to help the physically challenged and the poor.

Emmah’s Garden

Thanks to those who have the heart of giving and supporting the less fortunate in society. This starts with Emmah’s Garden that has taken the initiative of providing support to families with food. I can testify that this has dramatically increased unity and harmony in many families. The health of individuals has been improved. The education of many students has been enhanced because no student can carry out studies without food.

Through this charitable work, many people have been inspired. They have a heart of supporting and extending love in many ways, depending on how God has blessed you. Emmah’s Garden has set a good example to the less fortunate and to young children who are directly benefiting from this programme.

Within Nyandoche Ibere village and its outskirts, food contributions have reached a number of households. Households have received donations of rice at various points: Nyandoche Ibere, Riamanoti, and Nyansakia Eyemo villages. In these places, people have worries about raising or earning money so they can provide food for their families. Thanks to Emmah’s Garden for having the people’s needs at heart. More people can now afford a smile and save a small amount of money as their lunch and supper were sorted amicably.

All they wish is that may all the stakeholders of Emmah’s Garden be blessed abundantly. I hope that the work of Emmah’s Garden will inspire more souls and may it reach greater heights inside and outside the country.

It makes people feel stronger when someone helps someone else. Helping with food is a wonderful example as it is a basic need for all families. It’s a moral duty to use what you have to help others. It makes a big positive impact. It is a way of doing God’s will. This can help to make you feel happier and more fulfilled. May Emmah’s Garden forever grow to help and support the less fortunate in Nyandoche Ibere village.


Contributed by Polycarp N. Mobegi

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