COVID-19 USA and Kenya

Extra Complexities

COVID-19, The USA, and Kenya

COVID 19 presents itself as a mystery. Almost every person is trying to come to terms with or to discover their truth about it. It took every person by surprise, and I have never thought that the whole world could go into a standstill because of a pandemic.

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A Thank You Note from Nyandoche Ibere and Emmah’s Garden

The village of Nyandoche Ibere in western Kenya, even though out of the way, still experiences the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Food supplies and nutrition, while already low before the pandemic, are now smaller.

With that as a backdrop, we at Emmah’s Garden decided to channel some of its fundraising dollars to the purchase of food supplies for the village. We wanted to help the people who need it the most in an immediate way.

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Food Distribution in Nyandoche Ibere, Kenya

Food Distribution in the village of Nyandoche Ibere

Hi Everyone,

We are helping the people of Nyandoche Ibere in a very immediate and significant way by providing them with food support. This is a new effort by Emmah’s Garden.

Our initial and on-going effort to support the people of the village was to help provide clean and safe water. The village suffers from a lack of clean and healthy water. We are helping them with water filtration systems. The water filtration systems are gravity-fed so no energy (other than gravity) is needed to power the water filters.

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What Kind of a Donor Are You?

Emmah's Garden - Food Distribution in Nyandoche Ibere Kenya

From the President’s Desk

Recently a friend of mine – who has already donated a Berkey filter to Emmah’s Garden’s efforts – heard about our actions to deliver food to the poorest people in the village of Nyandoche Ibere. She is strongly supportive. Her reasons were clear. “People who are hungry, mothers whose children are hungry,” she said, “do not care about long term improvements. They want help now.”

She wants to see her money going to these immediate needs.

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