Why Is It So Confusing?

COVID-19 and Confusion

The coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic have been deeply unsettling for so many people. This is obvious but why?

Here are some explanations.

It Puts Our Health at Risk

The apparent reason why it’s so unsettling is that the virus attacks our immune system, putting our health at risk. That is unsettling to some and outright frightening to others. The fact that some people shrug it off while others take it very seriously adds to the confusion. 

This can happen in your circle of friends and even within your own household. When people disagree and cannot understand the position of the other then we are confused.

“Life as We Know It”

When our regular routines are interrupted or even not possible then this adds to our confusion. Things that were once done without really thinking about it are now significantly modified or even removed from our lives. 

Examples would be that you started your day with a wonderful workout at your local gym and now it is closed. You started your day by dropping off the little humans at school and then drove to work. Now you need to think about homeschooling and setting up a home office in your living room. My goodness – this can be confusing. If you’re feeling scared and uncertain right now, you’re not alone. Many of us are struggling with the widespread disruptions to our daily lives.

Let’s examine other root causes of our confusion.


How should a government function? We sometimes think about this but not in the context of how a government should protect us in a health emergency. This is something very new. It ties into the already confusing issue of healthcare, its costs and it benefits.

COVID-19 is unsettling and confusing because it has attacked our understanding of how governments should protect us.

Normally, we feel safe. We don’t think very much about an attack of any type. When we do not have to think too much about the government we are in a good place. However, now, with COVID-19 even in the most stable countries there is uncertainty about the very ability (sometimes even the will) of the government to keep us safe.

Some governments prioritize getting the economy back on track. Other governments and leaders keep their citizens in lockdown. This is confusing. Even the people making the decisions are confused which does not make us feel safe, secure. We are confused.

Our Hopes and Dreams

COVID-19 has disrupted our hopes and dreams for the future.

  • Weddings: now on hold or done remotely.
  • Trips: On hold.
  • Continuing Education: Done remotely or not at all.
  • Starting a non-profit: More complex, no face-to-face fundraising, Zoom meetings

Anyone who had big plans for and event, a project, or themselves has had to adjust with all the confusion that this entails to the COVID-19 situation.

Our Self-Worth

COVID-19 has attacked our sense of worth and place for many of us. COVID-19 has stolen our jobs, our cafes, our places of worship, and perhaps most significantly, our ability to get together with people we love and provide us with that so-important feeling of belonging.

COVID-19 attacks our bodies, our society, and our very identity. Some may just feel lonely, others isolated, perhaps others feel a sense of insignificance.

Are We Resilient?

Here are some ideas we can take to address the feeling of uncertainty that is wreaking havoc on our sense of self.

Fight off any feelings of inadequacy. Be mentally tough. People with resilience are generally better equipped to cope with the fundamental uncertainty of a global pandemic. Resilience is defined as the ability of an individual to bend but not break, to bounce back, and to adapt when presented with adversity.

Resiliency is important in this situation.

Do something to help others:

  • Make a phone call to a friend – reach out!
  • Send a thank-you note to someone who helped you or someone you know.
  • Donate to a worthy pandemic-related cause.

This approach is focused on reaching out to the external world. It pushes back against feelings of inadequacy or insignificance. We do not have much control over the coronavirus, but we can reach out.

Do it!

Do something for you:

  • Take an online course.
  • Read a best-selling novel.
  • Reorganize your living room.

You may have had plans to repaint the bathroom. Now is a good time to do it. Think our a nice up-lifting project or two. Plan them out.

Do them!


We will work out way out of this for sure. You personally need to work your way through it. Thinking of ways you can help others and to do something that improves something closely related to you are good ways to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

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