Hunger and Scarcity of Food in Rural Kenya

Emmah's Garden - Food Distribution

Many people in Africa get their food through small scale farming where they grow food crops purposely for substance use. Their farming largely depends on rainfall availability because most of them cannot afford an irrigation system. Traditionally, farmers would grow food during specific periods when they were sure of getting rain.

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The Efforts of Emmah’s Garden in Kenya

Village in Kenya
In the USA, it is very different as water is connected to people’s homes. The only effort they have to make is to turn the tap on and then clean themselves. People in my village have to travel many miles to get water for drinking and cleaning themselves. This is why it is very important to support Emmah’s Garden course of action in providing the village with clean water.

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COVID-19 USA and Kenya

Extra Complexities

COVID-19, The USA, and Kenya

COVID 19 presents itself as a mystery. Almost every person is trying to come to terms with or to discover their truth about it. It took every person by surprise, and I have never thought that the whole world could go into a standstill because of a pandemic.

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A Thank You Note from Nyandoche Ibere and Emmah’s Garden

The village of Nyandoche Ibere in western Kenya, even though out of the way, still experiences the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Food supplies and nutrition, while already low before the pandemic, are now smaller.

With that as a backdrop, we at Emmah’s Garden decided to channel some of its fundraising dollars to the purchase of food supplies for the village. We wanted to help the people who need it the most in an immediate way.

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