We were very interested in Berkey because their filtering system is gravity based and no external power is needed to filter water.

We also like the fact that the Berkey filters, even the largest ones, are compact and easy to transport. This greatly increased the flexibility within the village. it could easily be used in schools, clinics, and other public buildings.

Of particular interest to us was the ability of the Berkey water purification system to remove pathogenic bacteria. It does this without the use of ultraviolet light. This is one of the key capabilities that make the Berkey stand out from its competitors. Berkey states to have 100% pathogen removal.

The Black Berkey filters are able to remove pathogenic bacteria as the filter pores are less than 2 nanometers in diameter. The smallest bacterium known is a parasitic bacterium with a size of 200-300 nanometers.

Key Features and Capabilities

Compact Design
Stainless Steel


  • Harmful Chemicals
  • Metals
  • Plastics

Removes Contaminants:

  • Arsenic (>99.9%)
  • Escherichia coli (E. Coli) (>99.999%)
  • Fluorene (>99.9%)
  • Manganese (>99.9%)
  • MBAS (>96.67%)
  • Nitrites (>95%)
  • PCB’s (>99.9%)
  • Petroleum Products (Gasoline, Diesel, Crude Oil, Kerosene, Mineral Spirits, Refined Oil- All >99.9%)
  • Selenium (>99.9%)
  • Thallium (>99.5%)
  • Rust
  • Silt
  • Sediment
  • Turbidity
  • Foul Tastes
  • Odors

For Heavy Metals, Inorganic Minerals, Pesticides, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Semi-VOCs, THM’s, VOCs; reduction exceeded lab detection limits.

The compact size, no power requriements and the ability to remove a wide range of water contaminants, including pathogenic bacteria made the Berkey water filtration system our choice to help the village of Nyandoche Ibere and the surrounding area in Kenya achieve clean water.

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