Special Christmas Donation To The Needy Families of Nyandoche Ibere

Special Christmas Donation To The Needy Families of Nyandoche Ibere

Emmah Garden made a special donation working with a local food wholesaler and provided the basic ingredients for Christmas Beignets.

Beignets are a very special treat. The beignet is a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. Emmah’s Garden provided the flour, sugar, and oil to make this delicious treat. The people of the village call this maandazi, and this treat is a traditional Christmas treat and very special.

Emmah’s Garden provided the basic ingredients to about 500 families which is an increase from the 150 families we supported with this donation activity of the prior year.

  • Five hundred People came to the distribution. They came not only to receive the ingredients for beignets but also to expect a political event.
  • Alloys hired six local young people to help with the event.
  • Alloys stated up front that no political speeches or discussions were going to occur.
  • Wheat flour, sugar, and oil were given out for Christmas beignets.
  • The local administration people present included the assistant police chief, the police chief, and the assistant county commissioner.
  • When the women of the village spoke, they expressed their great appreciation for this charitable Christmas activity.
  • The woman wanted Emmah’s Garden to support learning in the village and asked for our support in creating a village library.
Emmah's Garden - Christmas Beignets
Emmah's Garden - Christmas Beignets - Wheat Flour

Bags of wheat flour.

Alloys abd Emmah

Emmah and Alloys

Emmah's Garden - Christmas Beignets

Cooking oil

The Village People of Nyandoche Ibere

People of the village

Sharing is caring, that’s what they say. But this will only remain a usual adage if it’s put into use. This is the reason why we, Emmah’s Garden decided to share our care with the Nyandoche Ibere community.

Our Christmas became more caring and it is evident from the faces shown of how happy and elated the community is. It may look like a small act of kindness, but with God in it, it’s plenty.

Emmah Garden always seeks to support needy people in the village. We want to provide hope, we want to stimulate collaborations. To be kind is always what we aspire to. We successfully did this with our effort to deliver Christmas Beignets.

We acknowledge the effort and contributions from our friends and sponsors and Emmah’s Garden.

We look forward to 2024!

We pray for nothing else but sound health and plenty of blessings. That the good Lord may keep us safe in 2024.

Blessings galore.

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