Our Initiatives

By helping the people to be self-reliant for food, water, and education that leads to further improvements, we promote improved health, school attendance, and opportunities to develop their economy to be enduring and self-sufficient.

If Nyandoche Ibere can succeed, so can other rural villages in Kenya. We want to set an example for success!

Clean Water!

Water can contain sediment, minerals, and chemicals that can create an unpleasant taste and odor. Some of these contaminants can negatively affect health, mainly when they include contaminants that can contribute to serious illness.

Filtering water can help improve its quality by reducing contaminants.

Our first effort for safe drinking water in Nyandochi Ibere used a very high-tech filter that produced 24 gallons a day. Our current effort uses filters based on Noble prize-winning science. Each filter can produce over 1000 gallons a day.

Of great significance is that the price is just about the same as the first water technology filter that we used. 

Aquaporin Technology

One of the fundamental processes of life is the transportation of water molecules through the surface layer of the cells that comprise organisms. Channels that allow the passage of water but not other substances are crucial for processes such as the kidney’s capacity to recover water from urine.

For a long time, no one knew what these water canals looked like, but in 1990 Peter Agre isolated a protein that he proved was the sought-after water canal. The protein was given the name aquaporin.

That is what science can do for the world. For those of you with a high interest in science, listen to this Noble Acceptance speech by Peter Agre.

This research became the underpinning for Aquaporin’s commercialization of the development. Aquaporin is a Danish company that is deeply interested in improving drinking water in the third world.

Water Filtration via Aquaporin Technology
Aquaporin Water Filter Technology

Emmah’s Garden is working to create within Nyandoche Ibere the competencies to run a water system for the whole village. Keep tuned in for updates on our progress.

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