Make A Splash!

A Wonderful Donation Opportunity!

A Matching $1,500 Donation

A major donor has made the very generous offer to match, dollar for dollar, all contributions up to $1,500.

Your donation to Emmah’s Garden can have double the impact.

Moreover, if you can make a donation of $1,500 we will send you a Berkey Royal water filtration system. This is a 3.25-gallon filter and suitable for 2-6 people.

Donate Today!

Your support is very important and can go a long way
to helping Nyandoche Ibere village in Kenya.

What $1,500 Can Achieve

Consider any of our projects below.

Your donation can support immediate or long-term actions.
All will be appreciated and used wisely.

Communication & Education Center Built


People Fed for 2 Months

Plants Planted & Tended

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