Emmah Gesari

Agricultural Business Graduate

Emmah’s Story

I am Emmah Gesare, a 21-year-old Kenyan girl. Born and raised in the highlands of Nyamira county in Kenya in a family of four. Born third to peasant farmers, Mr. and Mrs. Ezekiel Nyakundi. Despite all odds, I managed to attend school up to the university level and am graduating this December 2019 with a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Education and Extension — courtesy of little income from our small farm, scholarships and aid from well wishers.

I grew up in a village where a good future is only assured to those who have formal jobs. I had to overcome a lot of challenges when growing up. These challenges included: gender inequality, extreme poverty, lack of basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes — can’t count the number of times we went hungry in our family. These challenges are faced by more than 80 per cent of the children and youths in our small village, Nyandoche Ibere. Our government is fully aware of this but it can’t do much because of its limited resources and corruption. The only way to save and change our village is through the villagers themselves.

Having grown up in that village, I vowed to do whatever it takes to change the face of our village for a better life for the coming generations. To achieve this I decided to apply agricultural skills that I learnt in school to turn the tables. With the skills I gained in school, plus the necessary efforts and support, I will be able to eradicate many of the problems I experienced when growing up, such as: I will solve food insecurity, unemployment, and application of modern farming skills I learnt in school to help us face global warming which is becoming a threat to future generations.

“. . . I vowed to do whatever it takes . . .

I am armed with the necessary skills and ideas to change my village, but the only major setback has been source of capital to get things done. However, I am not giving up. I am more than ready to start with a single seed and grow a forest, no matter how long it takes.

  • Dedicated
  • Comfortable with the English Language
  • Ready to Grow a Forest
  • University Graduate
  • Practical

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