Caleb Wolfe, born in 1939, remembers blackout curtains and ration lines for meat. He now believes the world faces a challenge as great or greater than World War II — climate change.  This is the great task for everyone who is alive today. 

He graduated from Tufts and Brown, with degrees in Philosophy. He has taught a wide range of courses for decades including literature, philosophy of science, statistics, economics, and U.S. history from graduate school to junior high. He even tried elementary school for a week but came away thoroughly impressed with the skills of elementary school teachers and much humbled. He closed out his work-for-pay efforts as an employment counselor for the State of New Hampshire. He is concerned with both job training and job creation, especially as the response to global climate change develops.

He believes in community efforts. He initiated a community effort to create the second-in-New Hampshire town Master Plan. He has initiated a regional high school scholarship program and numerous community education programs. 

He enjoys a loving marriage, children and grandchildren. His grandchildren’s future motivates his efforts with Emmah’s Garden. He believes that all actions towards protecting and restoring our planet are local actions. Caleb believes that we need to think locally and act locally even if the actions occur in Nyandoche Ibere, Kenya. Being in community with people a continent away is so easy today and so welcome. 

For himself, he competes now in competitive weight lifting and has recently taken up the cello. Enough process has occurred in the latter effort that he no longer finds it difficult to stay in the room when he is playing.

He thinks a life with personal growth, family togetherness, and community action on great issues is enough.

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